About us

About Us



We’re a team of 43 amazing people who aren’t afraid of the hustle - we might be a small company but we can pack one hell of a punch! Our hustle has paid off and we’re making sure babes all around the world are wearing the latest trends. And as fashion obsessed babes just like you, we love keeping up with our fave trends & influencers on Insta and Snap.

We love a cheeky avo on toast and the best kind of day is ‘bring your dog to work day’. As a small team, we’re super tight knit and we love a good laugh!

Based in Brisbane, Australia - you can find us by the beach in our 9.0 SWIM ‘kini’s, looking hot AF at Coachella & Splendour or getting sippin’ espresso martinis at a rooftop bar. Fancy!


We don’t want to be just another boring online store, there’s plenty of those already!  

Our goal is to be your go-to place for babin’ outfits; whether you’re getting ready for a night out, a beach day or hanging out with your BFFs! Seeing our zzvyu babes SLAY on Insta in their killer ‘fits is our absolute fave. Don’t forget to tag us @zzvyu when you’re showing off your amazing style on Insta